Adminisrative professionals' web design resources

Administrative professionals' web design resources
Administrative professionals are on top of things, especially technology, the Internet, and web design. But, planning a new website, or planning a refresh of an existing site, can be overwhelming. Design, hosting, domain names, WordPress, html... It can all make a person dizzy... Not to worry. Susan Henley Spreitzer, CAP, OM, CAW, is here to be your web design geek. And, with more than 40 years of administrative support experience, and as a 23-year member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, she knows and respects the priorities of administrative professionals. Do you have a specific project in mind?

Get custom step-by-step instructions

Have you run up against a nagging technical problem regarding your website and need to know where to click to solve it? Want to kickstart a fresh idea for your site with some step-by-step instructions? Susan can help. Your first request requiring 45 minutes or less of consultation time is FREE. Most responses are available within 24 hours.

Gear up!

Refresh your website for the coming economic rebound. Mention promo code REBOUND2020 to get $50 off one invoice of $100 or more.

The promise

Susan Henley Design promises to be responsive to the needs of clients and their audiences. No waiting for two weeks for minor updates to be done to your website. When you request work from us, we will give you an honest, realistic estimate of the cost of the work and when it will be completed. We are thoroughly committed to exceeding your expectations.

Administrative Professionals Embrace Web Design

As a web designer, I am so proud to be inspired by and learn from my administrative professional colleagues!

Administrative professionals know that web design skills are in demand for administrative assistants and other office support staff team members. Not only do today’s admins excel at essential communications, organization, and ever-changing office technology skills, they deserve congratulations for becoming increasingly adept at website design and development.

Employers often include skills related to the web, and often specifically WordPress, in their list of required skills for admins. On March 12, 2019, for example, the job search website listed 457 jobs that included the words WordPress Assistant. I have taught and attended trainings presented by the International Association of Administrative Professionals on web design topics, and I have found that many admins are in tune with the reality that web design is rapidly becoming a basic, rather than outlier, skill for admins. They know that knowledge of coding tools such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and jQuery will give them an important edge in their careers.

Have any web design questions? Give me a call at (916) 920-2791.

Need a speaker on web design for your next gathering of administrative professionals?

Susan can speak on a variety of web topics and provide training to to administrative professioanls everywhere. Recently, she was very happy to teach a webinar for the IAAP Tulsa branch of the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Take a look at the slides from, "WordPress Website Design and Building." Let her know how she can help your group.

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